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Mensch.V.P - Doron Sheffer
Becoming the Most Valuable Player in the Game of Life 

(תרגום לאנגלית של "משחק החיים")

In a unique glimpse into the world of professional basketball, former NBA-draft pick and all-around mensch Doron Sheffer regales readers with the experiences on and off the court that changed, influenced, and molded him into the man he is today.

Drawing on his years leading prominent teams to unprecedented achievements, Sheffer’s memories range from transformative to moving to downright hilarious. While some revolve around tense, tie-breaking moments, others might star inspiring players like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, teammates such as Ray Allen, coach Jim Calhoun, and many more.​

But most importantly, all convey lifechanging lessons on sacrifice, perseverance, humility, kindness of heart, and everything else the world of sports can teach us about the most important game of all
– the Game of Life.

Empowering and educational, inspiring and insightful, this book is all the reminder we need that the ball is – truly – in our hands.

Doron Sheffer (1972) was born in Israel and has been active in the world of basketball since he was sixteen. Over the years he played central roles on Israeli and American teams, establishing a strong connection between sports, education, therapy, and spirituality. Today, he utilizes basketball as an empowering educational tool for children and adult to win at the most important game of all – THE GAME OF LIFE.

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לרכישת הספר באנגלית 

(דרך אמזון)

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